This was a fun reception with a lot of energy all night long. The room was full of guests who stayed until the very end. Everything went as planned! Fulton Valley Farms had all the christmas lights going in the distance, it looked amazing!   5079 SW Fulton Road Towanda, […]

This wedding began with an beautiful outdoor wedding reception. I used a second sound system with 2 wireless microphones so everyone can hear clearly what was going on. All the music was set in playlists and I had backups just in case any problems should arise.  The wedding reception began […]

Son Wray Ranch ceremony & wedding reception 6/27/2015

Everyone had a great time celebrating Victor & Megan’s wedding day. All went smooth due to the excellent staff at Villa Luna Venue and Bluemoon Catering. From introductions to last dance everyone was involved and having a great time. The music was majority rock & dance with some couple dances […]

Villa Luna wedding reception 6/6/2015

I had no idea how huge this place is here! This Kansas Star Casino wedding has used two rooms, one for the ceremony and the a big reception room.The ceremony room looked very elegant, perfect for a ceremony. I setup a second sound system. It was all perfect! From the […]

Kansas Star Casino wedding March 21st 2015