This wedding began with an beautiful outdoor wedding reception. I used a second sound system with 2 wireless microphones so everyone can hear clearly what was going on. All the music was set in playlists and I had backups just in case any problems should arise.  The wedding reception began […]

Son Wray Ranch ceremony & wedding reception 6/27/2015

Everyone had a great time celebrating Victor & Megan’s wedding day. All went smooth due to the excellent staff at Villa Luna Venue and Bluemoon Catering. From introductions to last dance everyone was involved and having a great time. The music was majority rock & dance with some couple dances […]

Villa Luna wedding reception 6/6/2015

I had no idea how huge this place is here! This Kansas Star Casino wedding has used two rooms, one for the ceremony and the a big reception room.The ceremony room looked very elegant, perfect for a ceremony. I setup a second sound system. It was all perfect! From the […]

Kansas Star Casino wedding March 21st 2015